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Configurable Systems


Part of what makes your company successful is the business practices you have worked so hard to perfect. For a software package to demand that you change your practices to do things "their way" is not only arrogant, but could be a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, modifying a package can result in you becoming a support "orphan". When the software vendor enhances the package, you may not be able to avail yourself of new feature content because your modifications conflict.

The ideal solution is to have it both ways – use a 100% standard application package that is designed from the ground up to adapt to the way your business runs. This can include parametric operation to dictate alternative business practices; user defined prompts allowing you to call a "wrench" a "spanner" or, for that matter "une clef" or "el llave inglesa"; the ability to define additional database fields for user defined data; and ultimately the capability to define your own calculations and logic that runs within the standard package.

In our opinion, the more configurable a system is, the more likely it will respond to unique client needs.

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This page last updated: 08/30/2011