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Enterprise Oriented Solutions


It used to be that all computer based systems were Enterprise oriented – they ran on the corporate mainframe, and designed to deal with data from all over the organization. With the advent of the PC, software became more individual, and sharing data became more difficult.  Just look at the prevalence of Excel® spreadsheets – 30 people can manipulate the "same" data in their individual spreadsheets to show entirely different results.

Enterprise computing brings standardization, shared data, and security to the forefront. Data is stored in a database – which may be a distributed infrastructure or centralized – but regardless it is centrally controlled. Data is available to secured users only for what they need to know to do their jobs. And everyone sees the same data.

Standardized data (things like specifications, data collection routines, roll-up reports) are maintained centrally. When data is analyzed, everyone uses the same data, and the same calculations and formulae.

Enterprise solutions promote common language and common systems, resulting in more effective communications across disciplines, geography, and functional areas.

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This page last updated: 08/30/2011