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ODBC Compliant


ODBC is an acronym for Open Data Base Connectivity. This is a Windows standard set of rules that allow a connection to a database. The database itself may run on a Microsoft Server, but it does not need to be running in a Microsoft environment. In fact is often running on a Linux or Unix server.

The connection is defined in the Windows control panel. This entry defines, among other things, the name of the database, the location of the tables, ad what kind of security to apply. It also allows a test of accessibility. This does not mean that the data is not secure - security in terms of who can see or update what is defined in the database itself - this only defines whether we can connect. By using ODBC, the application is more capable of running within a standard environment, and the probability that the application can migrate to new releases of the operating system (Windows) as the ODBC object is usually forward compatible.

Two of the more popular database systems that are ODBC compliant are Oracle™ and Microsoft SQL Server™.




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This page last updated: 08/30/2011