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QIC System Selection and Certification Criteria


Without data, it is just an opinion. Your shop floor systems should provide clear, concise data that can be used for decisions. This can be a complex task, but it really boils down to some basic concepts.

There are only 2 aspects of any shop floor system that should matter:

* Does it do what I need done, now and in the future?

* Can it work in my environment without tremendous initial or ongoing expense?

Everything else (features, cost, platform, technology) is secondary. Regardless of the solution, it is likely you will only use 20% of its capability.

At a systems level, this translates into bulletproof systems that can adapt to multiple environments; systems that are so "user friendly" that they can be incorrectly perceived as "mickey mouse" (apologies to Disney). At a consultant level you need people who understand the software, YOUR objectives and YOUR shop floor culture; and demonstrate superior change management. At a vendor level you need outstanding support - for your technical people, but even more importantly for your users. This is QIC.

QIC continually searches the market for best-in-breed solutions for manufacturing issues in order to maintain a library of current solutions for its clients. Waiting until our client needs a solution to start looking for one wastes time. Each solution must meet a demanding set of criteria for inclusion in this library. As a result, QIC solutions are extremely flexible, extremely standardized, and, despite sophisticated capabilities, are incredibly easy for shop floor people to use that training operators is often a matter of minutes.

Some of our criteria are:

* Configurable - the system needs to adapt to the user, not vice versa

* ODBC Compliant - a standard database management system must support the application

* Enterprise Design - the solution must be designed for network, corporate, and multiplant needs, not a standalone solution that has "Grown up"

* User Driven - many of our partners are run by former users, not programmers

* Leading, but not "bleeding" edge - "working" and "adequate" always beats "planned" and "kool!". Proven software always beats neat vaporware

* Specialization - all of our solutions are from organizations that specialize in that application, often exclusively - that is all they do, and they do it very well

* Integration - API technologies and other tools must exist to allow easy integration with other client systems, particularly ERP systems

* Ongoing Development - there must be plan for ongoing support, enhancement and continuous improvement

* No Orphans - a QIC solution is flexible enough to adapt and integrate, but is NEVER modified - ensuring that you can take advantage of new features and new releases without spending a fortune re-applying changes.

With a software solution that meets or exceeds these criteria, you are half way to achieving results. But this is only half of the solution. How the transformation is managed on the shop floor is the often - forgotten aspect of implementation that can have dramatic effects. QIC consultants understand the concerns of your operators and work with them to achieve management's objectives through people.

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