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Governments take worker safety seriously. Legislation in many jurisdictions puts the onus on the employer to ensure that the employees understand all of the safety procedures involved with their jobs. Many involve stiff penalties, both financial and personal. And that is just the public policy prosecutions. Beyond that, civil litigation can cost the company and supervisor very substantial sums if they are found responsible for injuries.

You have GMPs. You have lock out procedures. You have HACCP procedures. You have safe work practices. But the most important foundation for a safe workplace is making sure that every employee knows the procedures, and complies with them.

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that workers are trained and procedures are followed. Many of these are simple business practice issues. But the single most important action you can take to protect your organization and managers from these significant liabilities (and protect your workforce from "accidents"), is to ensure effective communication and understanding of safety procedures and irrefutable documentation that each worker has read / been trained / had refresher training / understood the procedure. If there is an accident resulting in injury, and the organization can prove that the worker fully understood the procedure and did not follow it, then the probability of successful prosecution or litigation is substantially reduced.

QIC can help to ensure that this documentation is always captured; and therefore you are protected.

To do so, we recommend the use of the MasterControl™ Document Management and Training modules, which helps ensure:

* All procedures undergo appropriate internal approval
* The only available documents are current released documents (including printed copies)
* That the right people have actually read the document
* That refresher training is undertaken when necessary
* That the employee proves her understanding by completing a test
* That the employee completed the test himself (using electronic signatures)
* That a record of all test results is kept with the employee file
* Management is informed if escalation is necessary, or the employee does not achieve a passing grade in the prescribed time or attempts

Once set up, this all happens automatically. The only time that a manager needs to get involved is if the employee fails the test, or does not complete it within the specified time. Other than that, every time a new or revised safety procedure is approved, every affected employee is automatically advised and tested. A complete audit trail including dates, times, results and signatures is maintained to provide proof. The savings in the event of an incident are almost immeasurable!

This approach also provides complete compliance with 21CFR part 11 electronic signature and electronic records management guidelines.

MasterControl™ has met all of QIC"s stringent criteria for system evaluation. Once you have implemented MasterControl™ for compliance with health and safety regulations, it can be used to provide other benefit to many areas of the organization.

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