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Compliance simplified!

Process expertise and adaptable solutions

Since 1980,  Quality Integrators Corporation has successfully leveraged our industry expertise, and our knack for discovering a client's true requirements, to identify and implement integrated Quality Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems solutions for our customers. Our solutions have enabled them to comply with complex regulations, improve manufacturing quality, drive operational excellence and increase profitability. Our end solution may include our packaged systems or merely reconfigure tools the client already owns into a more effective workflow. 

QIC's rigorous vetting process for its approved partnerships ensures that our recommended solution is a strong fit for the client.  Check out our selection criteria here

Our industry specialists stand ready to help you achieve more in your quest for compliance, control, and quality. Like the single droplet hitting the river, the impact on your organization can be far reaching.

Our Solutions

QIC offers a selection of leading-edge solutions to help you achieve more: 

Manufacturing Execution Systems

SFOL Screen

MES solutions help with; Downtime, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Plant Maintenance, Lot Traceability, Recall, Quality Control, Batch Management, Tool Management. 

By communicating with your ERP and PLC environments you get a complete picture of what is actually happening in the plant and where to focus your improvement efforts.

Often simply identifying the frequency and ramifications of downtime can generate significant efficiencies.

Quality Management Systems

Locked file - shutterstock_88414639

QMS solutions encompass Safety, Document Control, Communication, Specification Management, Change Control, Workflow Management, FDA Reporting, MSDS, HACCP,  OSHA, and more.

These systems are critical, especially in FDA regulated industries, if you want to avoid costly audits, warning letters, and unwanted publicity.

Net Contents Control

scale with powder on it shutterstock_74235997

If the package says 454 grams... it better weigh very close to that.  (or whatever the combined regulations of FDA, USDA, WMC, CFIA, or other applicable agencies say are required). 

We can help you understand and implement systems that assure compliance with regulations (less time spent in audits/avoid costly penalties) and giving away valuable product.

Check out our whitepaper on Net Contents regulations here

Project Management

project chart shutterstock_53261848

Several project management tools exist in the market today.  What makes ours different is that it is tightly integrated with QMS. 

When reference to documents or drawings are needed in a process - the latest approved documents are automatically there.  When certain workflows are required to complete a step, the latest approved workflows are automatically executed.

Skills Inventory

personnel shutterstock_13311661

Your people are your greatest asset.  Using our skills inventory linked with personnel and QMS, you can ensure that each person reaches their potential; is trained in the latest aspects of their assignment; and has completed tests to prove their qualifications.

Know in real time who was properly trained on what and when, which is critical for OSHA compliance.

Visualization / Dashboards

Visual KPI

If you don't know where you area going, any road will get you there... but if you don't know where you are....  

The need to interpret and easily distribute real-time information derived from a multitude of data sources and systems is critical to improving operational effectiveness.

Our Key Performance Indicator solutions give you the real time information you need to adapt to your constantly changing environment.

Gauge Interfaces

calipers shutterstock_53983990Much of the data you collect is from specialized measurement equipment.  Some equipment have digital interfaces that can be read directly into your network or a standard computer port.  Many complex instruments have their own software to capture data while others have digital interfaces that are proprietary. 

QIC  offers a suite of hardware devices that allow you to capture readings from these instruments directly into Excel/other software platforms making it easy to use and interpret the valuable data. 

Production Scheduling

JobPack Planning board

Making certain that you can juggle all of your resources - production machines, outside contractors, personnel and time to ensure that you meet your promised delivery dates is critical. 

Our visual planning board allows drag and drop visibility to exactly what is happening on the shop floor, and what you can do to improve the situation.

Consulting & Training

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This is where QIC can benefit your organization the most.  We understand complex regulations and match your needs with the appropriate solutions.  We combine technology with knowledge transfer to make sure your people know how to use the tools to achieve regulatory compliance. 

We often modify our solutions doing more to align with your unique needs than the software organizations who built the original system!
We support everything we implement with knowledgeable people who have been there on the ground.